Original Book Covers And Illustration

I am open to illustration work. Email me with the details of your project and I'll get back to you with a quote ASAP - JeffLaffertyIllustration@gmail.com

I've done professional illustrator for many years. I've worked as a comic book artist, toy designer, and concept artist. Clients have included companies such as Dream Works, Hasbro, Marvel Comics and Image Comics.

My work is 100% hand painted and done in a traditional style. My paintings stand out in market flooded with Photoshop jockeys.

Before spending money on a 'just like everyone else's' premade cover, consider letting me paint you something amazing. I can create you an image that will ultimately make you money in extra sales. A great cover will grab people's attention and help sell your book or product.

A recent book cover from start to finish ...

The project began with a brief from the client, a short description of the book and its characters. I created a rough sketch from his ideas.

I also created a full mock up of the book cover that included type.The client gave me his feedback and suggestions, and we discussed any changes.

The client wanted a dystopian cityscape in the background, so I worked one into the design of the following rough.

Most of the feedback had to do with design of the type and colors to be used on the cover. Sometimes I'll do a color rough, but in this instance I felt we were both on the same page, so I started painting the final art.

I painted the artwork with acrylic paint and color pencil on a 10" x 13" inch piece of hardboard. Since all of my work is a physical piece of painted art, the author had the option to purchase the original art.

Here's the finished cover with type, delivered to the client per his file specifications. This piece took about a week and a half to complete. The client was happy and the art came out great.