CURSE OF THE WOLFS HEART - A webcomic by Jeff Lafferty
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Hi everyone ... Thought I would post the first page of my comic book 'Curse Of The Wolfs Heart' 

... Actually, I probably won't have any time to go on with this thing, but I sure do like how this first painting came out, and wanted to show it off.

Sorry for the short hiatus ... but I went back to work at my 'real world' job last week and I'm still adjusting to the new schedule.

A few things are changing around this summer, and I wanted to let everyone know about them in advance. 

Unfortunately the podcast won't be weekly anymore. I know that sucks and everyone really wanted it to continue, but I just won't have time for the interviews with my new schedule. 

I will be doing more shows eventually though, I'm defiantly not quitting! ... but they'll just have to come out as I have the time to produce them.

Same thing with the weekly art videos. I am planning on doing more videos, but just not on any set schedule.

In fact everything, new blog post, new art, new whatever else I can think of ... is all going to be coming out as I have the time (and energy) to do them.

The only thing that's not going to be effected, is the store's going to stay up, along with all the regular eBay auctions. My wife is helping me with the shipping and the production aspect of the prints, so that whole thing is going strong and will continue to do so.

I probably wont be taking any new commissions till next fall, just finishing off the ones I already have. 

I know some people have been waiting quite a while already. Please just be patient,  I'm slowly working my way through the list and everyone will get their artwork eventually.

Thanks for sticking with me guys and next year when the snow flies and I get laid off again ... I'll fire everything back up (podcast, videos & commissions) and get on a predictable schedule again.

- Jeff


Jeff Jai Dee said...

'til the snow flies..

Carolyn Edwards said...

Likey Likey. More please! :)

sevans said...

very cool, feel like there should be a dwarf and young val kilmer in the comic.
whatever that movie was called.

Anyway, cool page. Great textures

=el-douglas said...


and can't wait to read your webcomic

Peter Palmiotti said...

I don't normally go for painted comics but there have been a few gems that I have loved... I urge you to continue... I'm thinking this can be the beginning of something wonderful!

~micahchampion said...

Wow. Looking forward to the read.

~micahchampion said...

I can appreciate the life of a house painter and how draining it is. Thank you for keeping up the interviews and inspiration.

TimR said...

very nice, interesting painting style.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Jeff Jai Dee ... Thanks for the comment Jeff

Carolyn Edwards ... Thanks Carolyn!

sevans ... Thanks Sevans

=el-douglas ... Thanks for the comment man, I appreciate it!

Peter Palmiotti ... Thanks for the positive advice Peter man!

~micahchampion ... Thanks Micah, I appreciate the support!

TimR ... Thanks Tim!


Jeff Jai Dee said...

Look forward to more pages.. rare are traditionally painted comics these days

~Challenger2008 said...

Great piece, Jeff! Awesome forboding castle, really nice!

goannwoman said...

Wow that's cool! Great work in my opinion

=el-douglas said...

no prob man, keep it up

Jody Schmidt said...

This is good. You depicted the nighttime sky particularly well. Suggestive without being overt or intrusively suggestive. Due to the way you placed the compositional elements, the glowing cloud fringes are the focal point of the painting, and this is very interesting. The moon and castle compete for secondary interest, and I am not sure which prevails. And, again, this is a good thing. They compete in an interesting way, not a muddled confusing way. Nice!

Jeff Lafferty said...

~Challenger2008 ... Thanks man!

goannwoman .... Thank you

Jody Schmidt ... Thank you very much for your comment Jody


*VikBogdanovic said...

Looking good! Can't wait to read your comic!


~serge-o-sketch said...

Cheers Jeff, amazing illustration skills in your gallery.

nsterken7983 said...

Wow, that is a very cool image Jeff! Can't wait to see more. I really dig the colors and pianterly style. What software do you use?

Jeff Lafferty said...

*VikBogdanovic ... Thanks Vik!

~serge-o-sketch ... Thank you Serge!

nsterken7983 ... Thanks, it's actually all traditional, acrylic paint and color pencil on board.


Christopher Hack said...

hi there, Just out of interest. how did you get into doing sketch cards. is it totally off your own back or did u get in touch with a company that makes them. just think it'd be something i'd enjoy doing. Absolutely adore your work!

Brandon Dennis said...

Never been into the sketch card thing, but.... I stumbled upon your podcast and I love the interviews and I think your ramblings are even better. So cool to hear your honesty and passion. Now for the Sketch cards, bloody hell! You are an amazing artist, and to do these freehand. I think you could make money from selling "how to" vids, I know i would be purchasing them.....

Brandon Dennis said...

Perhaps you can sell them on Gumroad or something. I'm no pro artist, but kinda getting OK, just plodding in my own time in lunch breaks at work. What has realy helped are videos (and of course practice). I will never be cool enough to sell stuff, but I am happy with my progress and like producing illustrations for myself. Anyway, Jeff, do your self a favour and sell some how to vids!!

Jesús Tortosa Ferriz said...

Una ilustración verdaderamente encantadora Jeff! Estimula tus sueños y evoca una fantasía templada con la magia de otros tiempos. A quien no le gustaría ser un dragón de la noche y recorrer el sinfín de vericuetos por recorrer, reflejando un tenue halo luminoso a tu paso? Me llama especialmente la atención la el conglomerado de formas que generan cada una de las torres, con sus relucientes pináculos nacarados!