Kate Austen, Evangeline Lilly - original sketch card by Jeff Lafferty
A couple of web friends, Jonathan Lopez - Link and Dean from The Goblin Who Lost His Green have challenged themselves produce work daily and post it for the next 365 days.

I think I’m going to jump on this band wagon too, and see how long I can make it.

I’m to slow to create a full card each day, but I’ll try to post each night, with what progress I do make.

Wish me luck, and if anyone else wants to get on board with us (what do you say Tiff??? Or maybe Manu?) at least we would all have something new to read every night.

Take Care
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Jeff said...

Ambitious! Good luck, Jeff!

Manu said...

Mmmm.... I'm not sure that this kind of initiative is so good, because at a moment, you put on yourself a too much heavy obligation, and you just become the slave of your own blog ! (: o

For my own, I'm too slow to produce something finished and well done per day, and I already have a big problem of time management with all that concerns the writing and the translation of each (usually long) article I post. I don't sell the things I post, because I don't have the rights of any of those characters, and I am not comissionned. It's only drawn in a training or a learning purpose (one or two exceptions apart). So I prefer to post less, and to keep my freedom to look for real contracts, or to create contacts with potential clients, and above all, to draw the things right with my own rythm, when I want to draw something. According to me, our blogs are some tools, but they must not become an end to reach by themselves.... (: o

Anyway, I won't have time to take the train, because I will be very busy with my two big challenges for 2012 ! :) )

# 1/ To develop my own universe and to earn money with it ! (: o

# 2/ And to marry Kirsten Dunst ! : P

In both cases, It will give me a lot of work to do :)

Yeahhh !!!! :)

Manu said...

Oh ! : P May the Lafferty family have a great year, by the way !!!! :) )

Dean said...

Haha! It's an epidemic! The only thing is, the standard of your work is leagues and leagues above mine. I don't think I could maintain that level of concentration for very long. It's easy to focus on humorous doodles with bright colours :D

All the very best in your quest.

(Thanks for posting my link, but it's the wrong blog, haha. 366monsters is the daily one).

Sean Tiffany said...

It's on!!!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Jeff, you should jump on too, since you blog practically everyday already.

Manu … Thanks, but its too late to talk me out of it, I’ve already went and stuck my foot in my mouth.

Thanks Dean, I read your post and it inspired me. it’s a chance to sit down with pencil and paper ‘every single night‘, and you just cant do that and not improve.

So thanks for taking the initiative, and inspiring me to do the same, and I’m looking forward to watching your blog over the next year.

Sean Tiff! I’m holding up my fingers and making the four sign like they did in the Magnificent Seven … Yes!!!