Packages & Adan West, Original Art © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
I had a really great week on EBay! I ended up getting rid of the Adam West painting and pencil study, the Chewy and C3PO, I also sold one of my nudes, and a whole bunch of prints.

Here’s a shot of everything waiting to go out on Monday.

I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who bought stuff - Juan, Rory, Michael, Rich, Steven, Roy, Marie, Justin, Mark, Harold, Kyong, Dean and everybody else, you guys (and girls) all rock!!!

I read today, that Dean - Link is dropping out of the 365 day challenge. That’s too bad since he was the one with original idea. I can defiantly understand wanting to quit, since I’m already feeling the pressure.

Now its just Me, Jonathan, Sean, Mike Jr. and Manu … Oh whoops! not Manu - I’m kidding dude :)

In Deans defense though … I think he took up the hardest challenge of all of us, with attempting to draw a monster every single day. (of course that's with the exception of Jonathan and his sculpture-a-day thing - Link, you gotta give that guy props, he's a friggen work horse!)

The rest of us, just said we where going to work everyday and blog about it. Working on something and finishing it are two different things entirely. So you did a good job Dean, and produced some great art! Don't feel bad about quitting, if I had any brains I'd probably be quitting too.

In addition to this whole 365 day challenge thing, I’ve been fixing up my other site (the movie site) - CurseOfTheWolfsHeart.com and posting some new stuff every once and a while.

Check it out if you interested in the stopmotion side of things around here. - Link

See you all tomorrow.
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Manu said...

Congratulations for your big selling, Jeff, it's widely deserved !

I know you are kidding, brother ! :)

Ian Walker said...

Great to see u back doing art again my man!

Ethrendil said...

Wow your stuff has been incredible lately Jeff, love to see all the updates. Also happy that your auctions are doing well! Keep at it man!

Dean said...

Great news with auctions!

Sorry I had to quit the challenge - I realised I just don't have enough time to create every single day. And some days, after a long slog at work, I'm too tired to lift my eyelids, nevermind a pencil. It was fun for 6 days, haha! I'm considering posting a monster a week, seeing as the blog is there and I have a few rough sketched ideas. I'll see if time is kind to me.

Keep up the great art. It is inspiring.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Manu!

Thanks Ian, long time no see man. I'll have to swing by your DA page and see what your up too.

Thanks Brandon, I've been loving all that Star Wars stuff your doing in oil.

Thanks Dean, I totally understand dude, blogging daily is a pain in the ass! :)