Katy Perry, Original Art by Jeff Lafferty
Katy Perry, Original Art by Jeff Lafferty
Katy Perry, Original Art by Jeff Lafferty
Thought I would shift gears a bit and show a few roughs I did for the cover of a Katy Perry biography.

It was a pretty cool job, but unfortunately the publisher and I couldn’t get together on the price, so I won’t be finishing any of them.

I wanted to show them off anyway, since I think they are some great little sketches, full of personality and life.

See you all tomorrow.
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Manu said...

Jeff, it's absolutely excellent ! Extremely full of life, indeed ! Amazing ! (: o

I have inked my Spiderman, btw, but I'm definately too much a lazy french to post it today ! I'm not the right man to join the 365 day group ! : P

See you Great Master ! :)

Sean Tiffany said...

So sad. And I'll bet what you were asking for from the finished piece is nowhere near what it would have been actually worth. So sad that some clients just don't see the value of a great artist.

But, I love the sketches and I can only imagine how cool the finished piece would have been. I love seeing the shots of her with the guitar.

Excellent work as always.

And, Manu...get off your lazy butt and start blogging with the rest of us real men!

Dean said...

Gorgeous! :D

I'm loving this 365 club.

Nicholas said...
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Nicholas said...

Love your line work!

The classic rendering style of the old school movie posters is spot on!

Thanks for following by the way! :)

M-Flem-Jr said...

Awesome Jeff, I love these sketches you do to gather up ideas before move forward with a piece. It's to bad these won't be used, they each look great!

Manu said...

Sean, my lazy butt is very busy fighting the crisis by looking for collaborations in several european countries. As an example, he has found a french and swedish institute, near my home, where swedish, english, brittish, spanish, and even american people come to learn our language and our culture in order to complete their background for jobs related to things like international trade for example, I don't really know. So my lazy butt, who was at first only interested in discovering Sweden, has seen an opportunity in this institute, and has started some preliminary contacts, in order to negociate a collaboration. Preliminaries are quite important, as you surely know ! So my lazy and starving butt, who is very slow at arting I must recognize it, is currently moving in all directions, and he has no time to draw and post everyday, like real men do.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Manu!

Thanks Sean

Thanks Dean. I agree even though its hard, I’m already seeing the benefits.

Thanks Nicholas, and welcome to the blog!

Thanks Mike!

… and yeah, you tell em’ Manu!