Lando Calrissian Original Art © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
Wow, what a crummy day … thought I would cheer myself up by posting some pictures of things that make me happy. Things like my work, the new Lando commission is coming along nicely.

Me & Tiff
My friends, here’s one, Sean Tiffany

My old Mom

Me and Tim
… and my little brother, Tim. (we all still call him Timmy)

Tanya and Trist
And most of all my wife, who I love with all my heart, and my tiny little son, who is more precious to me than anything in the world.

I’ve turned off the comments on my animation site for a while. If you saw what happened yesterday, you’ll know why, and if you missed it … well feel lucky, cause it was just a lot of ugliness.

Hopefully I won’t have to turn them off here on my illustration blog as well. So far, the haters haven’t seemed to be around, but if they start up, I’m defiantly going to turn the comments off on both sites.

This has just been such an unfortunate turn of events, I’ve always really loved reading the comments, and interacting with all the awesome people and incredible artists that frequent my site. Its always been a generally positive experience and everyone here has been a huge source of inspiration to me.

So hopefully things will be able to continue that way … well just have to see what happens.

Lost Sketch Card © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
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