Hi all, tonight I worked up the roughs for the next couple of cards I’m planning.

Ever since I did the chewy card - Link I’ve had people asking about a stand alone Han Solo card to go with it. So I’m finally doing one and here’s the initial sketch.

Han Solo sketch card by Jeff Lafferty

Also here’s two versions of a card I’m doing for a collaboration project with indy filmmaker, Justin Rasch - Link and sculptor, Mike Fleming Jr. - Link (I probably shouldn’t be talking to much about all this, since nobody’s announced anything yet … but I'm just going to say its going to be ‘super’ cool!

Dober vs Flea sketch card by Jeff Lafferty

The Line sketch card by Jeff Lafferty

Also wanted to thank the people that jumped on the Leia card - Link and put their bids down early. I appreciate the support guys and good luck.

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Shelley Noble said...

Man o man, what a perfect match your style is for The Raschs project(s) ! So great you guys hooked up.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Shelley, I'm really looking forward to it!