The Mis-Adventures of Adam West, Art by Jeff Lafferty
Uncharted 3, Art by Jeff LaffertyNew video! This one features a cover I did for the Adam West comic, over at Bluewater Productions.

It was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing my work on the shelves at the Comic Book shop again ... and it's been a loooong while since that’s happened

Next up, I’m finishing the package art for Mike Fleming jr. and his Uncharted 3 project.

The latest print is up in the store, The Legend of the Seeker - Link

Anybody who buys one of the new seeker cards, I’ll throw in two free prints, your choice, but nothing bigger than a double card.

Sorry, but I’ve got to be able to get them into a letter size envelope, or else I’ll end up losing money on the shipping.

Take Care
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Manu said...

Congratulations for this beautiful comic cover, Jeff ! I did not know you had this opportunity ! I hope they'll give you some others to do ! :D

I never have realized that the old Batman guy looked so much like James Bond ! (: o

Lee Stevenson said...

Hi Jeff, not only do I think you've done a fantastic job with this cover, I also really enjoyed watching your video (the first I've watched) I'm now off to find some more!

P.s) What pencils are you using, are they ink or just standard coloured pencil's

Cheers mate

Ethrendil said...

Great video and congrats on the cover! You deserve it!

JON said...

I'm really digging these videos, watching the master at work! Great artwork, man!

Isis Sousa said...

Very good Jeff! I loved the cover and the brown-ish card/painting more down. The colors of both of them are so pretty! ;)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Manu

Thanks Lee, they're Prismacolor and Col-erase, both just color pencil, no inks.

Thanks Brandon

Thanks Jon, I'm planning on doing more.

Thanks Isis


Elton Dias said...

Hey Jeff!

Thanks a lot for commenting on my blog. I think your work is SO AMAZING. I'm taking classes in watercolor, and will soon be posting something so you can take a look. I hope to keep in touch and feel free to come back when you wish.

Thanks again!

Elton Thomasi.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Elton