Tristan Lafferty

Not much of an update today just a funny picture of Tristan while he was napping.

Tristan Lafferty

I lowered our the bed by taking out the box spring and the frame. Now that he’s in full on crawl and action adventure mode, I thought he was going to kill himself getting on and off it.

I’ve been really feeling the urge to ‘get’ animating again. These clips are old and most of you have already seen them, but looking back at some of the stuff I’ve shot, it makes me think maybe there was more potential there than I gave it credit for.

Watching them makes me want to finish up this second puppet and get back to it!

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Manu said...

Tristan must be dreaming of some knight tales, with castles, unicorns, princess to deliver, ha ha ha ! Good boy, probably a future artist too ! :) )

A big bravo for the face replacement job, Jeff ! It must be a big sum of work to carve and animate each step of expression ! ((: O

You deserve the success ! See u, Manu :)

Ben Whitehouse said...

\This post is just full of awesomeness!! I've seen the tests before but they are always great to watch again. That photo of Tristan is absolutely priceless!

Hope all is well mate!

Shelley Noble said...

I came late to your party here, Jeff, but I have to say after seeing these clips for the first time, WoW!!! Spectacular artful effect on the replacement mouths!

and the second clip is another WoW!! The angle the way the camera moves (I personally ADORE a little handmade movement in stop mo dolly shots.)

You really have something great going. I am already your fan.... YES please more!

That baby boy is so well loved it's fantastic. You are letting him explore--just safely! Too cool.

Shelley Noble said...

WHAT WHAT WHAT did you use to get the guard's face to remain so flexible!! I LOVE whatever material/technique you used.... Details details?!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Manu, I love your comments pal.

Thanks Ben!!!

Thank you shelley, Your encouraging words came just at the right time and helped me out of a hole I was in.

The guards face is silcone. I molded it out of silcone caulk, but the real stuff from some place like smooth-on would probably work better.

The mouth works with a screw through the head, and the eyebrows have wire under the skin.

I'll get together the photos I took while I was making his face and re-post them so you can see.


JON said...

Brilliant stuff, Jeff! These clips get me motivated to start up again, too! All the best, dude!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Awesome! I love to hear that Jon, cause your blog is one of my favorites to read.