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Jeffrey Cathrine Jones
I read today that Jeffrey Jones - Link died back in May … seems like all my heroes are coming to an end, Frazetta, Dave Stevens … now Jones.

Apparently he died from complications from emphysema (whatever that means) and was 67 years old … not all that old when you stop and think about it.

I know he had a tough go of it though, I remember reading about the nervous break downs, homelessness and of course the whole gender reassignment thing.

Well what can you say, the guy was a true artist and like most all of us, its tough enough just mastering that one thing … you can’t expect us ‘not’ to suck at life too.

Anyway I spent many nights pouring over Jeffery Jones’s work. Studying his every brush stroke, trying to learn how to be myself, the way he was already himself (In other words trying to figure out how to be original)

He’s one more master that I owe another great debt.

Take care Jeffery Jones, my prayers go with you
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M-Flem-Jr said...

Sorry to hear about another great artist passing away. I had never heard of him before your post. I googled his name and went through his website. His painting work is amazing, each painting seems like a frame out of a movie. It's very neat. I like his dinosaurs and the cowboy's and also the warriors. It's all neat. Looks like he even tried sculpting a little bit which was cool to see. Thanks for introducing me to his work. It is inspiring.

jriggity said...

yeah man...its wierd feeling when folks you grow up admiring or just plain knowing from afar pass on.

everytime someone who was an 80's icon passes{when i was a kid} I feel a wierd little twitch inside.....

i felt when frazetta left too...

I have his work in my office to look at every day.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comments Mike and Justin :)