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Ewok, Wicket, original art by Jeff Lafferty

Recognize this guy? Everyone needs a wicket card in their Star Wars collection.

My buddy Sean Tiffany - Link emailed me the latest in the continuing, Frank Frazetta art heist. Apparently Frank Sr. has finally got something to say about the whole thing, and he isn't going along with his sons alibi of basically "My Dad told me to do it" Here the latest article in the Pocono Record - Link

Also, I’m doing a little redesign on the site, so for the next couple of days things might seem a little off. Some of the links might be intermittently broken or go to the wrong locations, but I should have the whole thing done and working again by Monday at the latest.

If anyone orders anything over the next two days, be sure and drop me an Email and let me know what you bought and your address - Link just so I don’t miss anything while the sites down.

See you next week
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Jeff Lafferty said...

"Hi Jeff" just a test comment,

Jeff Lafferty said...

Another Test

Jeff Lafferty said...

So what do you think of the new site guys?

jim burby said...

i like it. very nice layout.easy to look around on too. 5 stars man

Manu Mane said...

Long live and prosper ! I'm there ! :) )

Dustin Foust said...

WoW Your work is AMAZING!

M-Flem-Jr said...

I like it Jeff, Ya gotta bolster up the video section though. What about a video blog every now and again. That could help draw in more customers via You Tube per-chance, just a thought. The site looks really cool though. Do you like it?

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Jim, nice to see you in the comments again.


Thanks for stopping by Dustin, I appreciate it.

Mike, I agree 100%, more videos is the goal for this year ... and I love it, thanks for asking.