Silicone hands, just out of the molds.

I noticed yesterday, Justin Rasch stopped by and left a comment. This guy has a super inspiring blog that I 'personally' love to read called Stop Motion Mission - Link

Him and his wife Shel are both animators and indy filmmakers. They've already completed one short film called Gerald’s Last Day - Link and now they’re working on a second (have a look at the clip)

Their work is just incredible! Awesome, awesome stuff, not to mention the fact that their doing it all out of their garage.


M-Flem-Jr said...

Wow The hands look great Jeff, How did you make the molds? Is that Rock Hard or Plaster? and that silicone does look a lot like flesh. What is it? Great job! Thanks for posting. Justin and Shel are just incredible! They are living the dream!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Mike

Its plaster paris and the silicone is just silicone caulk I pick up at the hardware store. Its called white lightning Silicone ultra, Low odor - Kitchen & Bath