Wow 11:48 P.M., looks like this one just barely made it in while it's still Monday ... and yes, that continues my streak of two days without missing a single blog post. (of course you guys have to admit, even at my worst, I'm still better than most artists about getting new stuff up)

The new Buffy print is up for sale, and she's a really beauty, so don't miss it. You can pick it up right here for $5.99, and as always, free world wide shipping - Link

See you next time


Anonymous said...

I got mine :)


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Deanna

Your one of the people that I just go ahead and print out an envelope for while I'm making the first print to photograph.

Its you and others like you, that keep on buying the new prints month in and month out, your the reason that I can continue to create great art and keep this site going. I make my living because of you guys and I so appreciate it!