Another new card just hit the gallery tonight. This one is Framke Janssen as Phoenix, from the X-men movies.

The pencil study was another commission I owed somebody, but the painted card is up for grabs, and at $55 bucks its a real steal. You can buy it here - Link

For those of you that read the comments every day, here’s the trailer from the 1962 classic, Jack The Giant Killer, and also the puppet scene that Manu was talking about.

Thanks for reminding me about all this great stuff Manu.

See you next time
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Manu Mane said...

Oh Jeff !!!! You have found a treasure !!!!! How much lucky our generations to have seen those piece of art !!!!! :) ) ) )

I just reply to your yesterday's answer :

I totally agree with you about Yoda and Star Wars, and I think the best place for Jar Jar is stuck between two slice of bread ! :) )

The new Clash of the Titans is a total failure for me : ( The FX and the action scenes itselves are good, but the final 3 D version is missed, nearly all comes blurred.

Sam Worthington is inexpressive and great actors like Liam Neeson or Ralph Fiennes are underexploited. In fact it's a kind of tribute to the Desmond Davis 1981 version, in the way of filming, but really not enough up to date.... The starting is slow, in the first exposure scene there are no props, the paintings of Olympe Mount and Argo City look too much "paintings", the olympians have neither part to play nor text to say - except Apollo who has three lines, there's no greek art anywhere, the points of view are basic, and if the creatures are well designed, you just see the kraken 20 seconds, the same story for Meduse, whom is really well done either.... No, it's a disaster, and believe me, I love mythology since my childhood and I was waiting for this film for two long years, so happy a french director can direct it, and seriously, it's a dishonor. Whatever the reasons, this movie has no ambition, it's very sad, just good enough to be seen on TV a saturday afternoon... : (

JON said...

Hey! Thanks for posting this! This is the kind of movie I'd watch on a UHF station when I was a kid.

Famke looks great! Good work!

Manu Mane said...

Oh yes, by the way lol..., Famke is beautiful !!!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Jar Jar Sandwich, funny stuff Manu :) thanks for the comment, I'm with you 100%, and Thanks Jon