The new ball and socket armature almost complete :)

I'm having all kinds of trouble getting Photoshop on to Tanya's new computer. It keeps telling me my serial number is invalid and when I called adobe for some help, they basically told me I needed to produce a receipt that proves its not a pirated copy. Keep in mind we bought this program in 2003, seven friggin years ago!

So unbelievably Tanya actually finds a copy of this receipt, but its still not good enough, according to them I was using a pirated copy all along.

We bought it from and spent $450 bucks on an adobe suite, doesn't it occur to these dumb ass's that if it were a pirated copy I would of paid something more like $0!!!

Not to mention all the other programs in the suite, AfterEffects, InDesign, Illustrator and GoLive, installed and are working fine, apparently all of those passwords are good, but the one for photoshop isn't.

Fuck you Adobe, your customer service sucks!!!

See you next time

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Sean Tiffany said...

stupid Adobe...I'm sure they consider every program out there stolen and pirated.

But, as they say, if they're going to treat you like a pirate you might as well act like a pirate.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Good point dude

jriggity said...


yeah....usually people who pirate software dont call customer service???

well the armature is Badd ass!!!