I haven't had much time to be creative the last couple of days, since I've been spending my time shopping? Sounds weird, but its true.

I finally finished up a big job that I've been working on weekends for the last five weeks. It was a huge office building with miles and miles of hallways and they all needed to be painted. Now that its over, I have some extra pocket change and Tanya and I have decided to invest it in the movie (rather than blow it on something sensible like 'rent' or 'food') So we're buying a new camera. The Canon Rebel XSi.

This is something I'd been worrying about for a while, whether or not my webcam was going to be able to shoot the quality I need. I want to be able to make DVDs and possibly get the movie up on the big screen at a festival. The Microsoft Lifecam is a great little webcam, but the quality of the images just isn't there, and I would hate to shoot a bunch of scenes and end up with something that's web quality only.

I know Misha Klein shoots with a Canon Rebel and his film, The Hallway - Link looks beautiful, so I'm pretty sure I am making the right decision

By the way here's a little test with the new armature.

Sorry about the text across the screen but I'm trying out the Stop Motion Maker HDMI framgrabber and I'm using their trial version. The interface is quite a bit simpler than Animator HD, which is what I have been using up till now (and that's a good thing in my opinion) Also the onion skinning seems to be easier to look through. I defiantly like it so far and I might go ahead and buy it.

See you next time


M-Flem-Jr said...

VERY cool Jeff, Seems like it was a lot of fun to shoot. How did the Armature perform? Was it better than you thought? Good luck on the camera front! I'm glad you are done with that big job!

Jeff Lafferty said...

The armature did really well, I think its huge improvement over the wire I was using before, I'm definatly going to stick with making them this way.

Thanks Mike