When I mold silicone, it tends to be a little stinky for a few days until it completely cures out. So I'm letting the face sit for a day or two, while I spend my time making new ball and socket joints for a running/flying rig.

I really want to try animating with a rig to add some stability to the puppets. Its one of the things that my first puppet lacked and I wanted to correct this time around.

I used bigger 1/2" inch thread balls and wider brass plates for these, and I'm capping them off with steel washers and wing nuts.

These parts are going to be under a lot of stress and I'm going to want to be able too crank them down super tight without bending the brass.

Tomorrow I'm planning on attaching the rods and making a good base I can screw down to the table. Then I'll give it a test run and see if it works.

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