I had pretty productive day today. I’ve got the skull entirely reworked and inside the puppet head.

While I was taking it apart, I decided that I really wanted a set screw instead of the Phillips head screw I had settled on too work the mouth, so I redesigned things a bit and made it work this time.

Now I’m applying the hair. Tanya picked me up some hair extensions from the local drug store. I’m using the back end of a needle with one side filed out to punch it through the silicone, and I’m securing it with super glue from the back.

See you next time
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jeff,

This things that u do with the computer look a little bit complicated 4 me.
Thanks for following my blog.
Greetings and have a good day.

Rafa Garres said...

I take a look to all your videos,and I like it a lot.
You work as a full craftman,and that´s something
unusuall on the actual days.
I don´t know why,but I prefer simple thing over
"high- tech products".You are one of that few guys that use his own wit and inventive.Once again:ther´s not much of it on the actual days.
Please ,keep on dong it.

Rafa Garres said...
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Manu Mane said...

Hello Jeff ! I just realized you were back. It seems I don't receive your updates for a moment ^^

Nice to see all the things you have done since the last time.

See u, M :)

Sean Tiffany said...

Is all this new stuff, the new armature, head, and hair, for the hero figure?

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for stopping by Esther and thanks for the encouragement Rafa, I definantly will do.

Yea!!! Manu's back!

Yup Sean, this is the main character/hero.

Thanks for the comments guys