I'm just having a tough night tonight. AfterEffects won't open up any of my shots from the movie! I don't know why? I figured I would be safe with Quicktime and WMV files ... 'Guess not'

Sony Vegas unfortunately went down with the ship when my laptop died. So either I've got to re-buy Vegas or re-import all the frames and re-do everything I did, again in AfterEffects (or the third option) figure out a new program to edit video in. Grrrrr

Vegas was awesome, it was the perfect for what I was doing ... and its not Adobe (which is good, because then I can continue my grudge against those fuckers)

I tried opening my files in Windows 'Live' Movie Maker which 'I guess' is the new and improved version of Windows Movie Maker. It opens them, but what the hell happened to it? You can't pull stuff around anymore, you can't see the audio, and theres no more layered tracks? It sucks.

Anyway here's two shots from the scene I'm working on. There's a cut in the middle, I was going to make it a bit more pronounced and throw in some temp audio, but after screwing around with Windows Live for about forty-five minutes and still not being able to figure out how to make a simple audio cut, I finally said the hell with it and threw it up 'as is' on YouTube.

See you next time
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jriggity said...


this looks awesome!!!

I am VERY impressed.

so sorry to hear about your comp troubles....those are incredibly frustrating.


JON said...

Really impressive puppet, man! Great animating!

M-Flem-Jr said...

I think Justin summarized it pretty well there Jeff, Amazing job! That is really, really cool man! Thanks for showing us. Sweet character and sweet set, can't ask for much more. Sorry to hear about the comp programs trouble, Hope you can find a decent way to get your laptop or something working.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks guys, I really, really appreciate the kind words.