... and the head attaches to the neck and wow, I've finally got a complete armature! Can't wait to shoot a few tests with this little guy.

Tommorrow I'm going to try and build out the hard parts of the face and get the mechanism for the jaw attached and working. I've also got a new pair of eyes in the works. Maybe I'll have time to get those in as well.

I feel good about the progess I've made this week. I've been working everyday, and only have three or four hours in evening to dedicate to the movie, but I've really been trying to stay focused and stay on it.

See you next time
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M-Flem-Jr said...

Man, That's great man, Congrats! Love the armature and I'm intrigued by your ingenuity on making stuff work in way's I've never seen it done, necessarily. Anyway, Fantastic job! Looking forward to the tests you shoot! This should be great!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Mike, you should start blogging again too, then I could see what your doing.