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Conan sketch by Jeff Lafferty

Thought I would try my hand at another web comic. I had to tear apart the site to get it to fit, so I hope everyone likes the redesign.

The last one didn’t go over so well. Some of you might remember the ill fated Jack The Giant Killer, I made it about six and a half pages in and then decided I wanted to do something else.

I guess the animated movie was it’s replacement, not the stop-motion animation that most of you are familiar with. No, this was back when I was convinced I needed to do a hand drawn 2D film (one of these days I’ll have to put up some of that stuff)

Anyway, in this, my latest attempt to find the source of the Nile, (i.e. what I actually want to do with my life) I’ll be adapting Robert E. Howard’s story The Frost-Giants Daughter.

Conan fell into the public domain a few years back, that’s why there’s been so many new R.E.H. books, games, movies, comics (everything you can think of really) hitting the shelves. So it occurred to me while I was painting this last sketch card, why not me too.

I’ve loved these stories since I was a kid, I loved the movies (the first one at least) my favorite comic growing up was without a doubt The Savage Sword Of Conan. Plus I’ve never really felt like I scratched that comic book itch.

I worked for Marvel on a few books and I had a short series for Image, but none of that stuff ever came out very well. Deadlines and editors, inkers, colorist, they sucked the passion out of that work for me. These days I can hardly look at any of it.

Anyway, heres my two cents in the Conan mythos. At the very least I think I’ll enjoy doing drawing it, and ultimately that is what I’m trying to do with my life … just enjoy creating art.

See you next time
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Wynn Ryder said...

This is incredible! Definitely looking forward to seeing the story progress.

Chris Boyd said...

Wow. Love page 1. Can't wait to see more.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Wynn & thanks Chris, I appreciate the encouragement.

Jeff said...

Conan is in the public domain? Really? How did I miss that?!

Taranaich said...

The copyright status of Conan is complicated: certain stories are in the PD in certain countries, but the character trademark is still owned by CPI. The reason there've been a ton of new Conan anthologies, games, movies and comics is because the new owners, who took over in the early 2000s, are starting to get the franchise running again after the old CPI practically ran Conan into the ground in the 1990s.

A couple of publishers got in hot water with CPI for using Conan in their anthology titles, but everything got settled amicably enough.

Anyway, beautiful work so far. I kinda jar at seeing a dead black-haired warrior on the ground (Conan was the only Cimmerian present, and the Vanir and Aesir had exclusively red and blond hair respectively: this was an age before widespread miscegenation, and tribes had largely similar hair colours), but hey, it's your comic. Maybe that's Conan himself after getting knocked silly by Heimdul.

I'll be looking forward to the rest!

Ethrendil said...

Great job Jeff, way to keep inspired! The first page is kick ass, can't wait to see more!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

Manu said...

If I have understood, you stop the animation project, and start a Conan comics ? ^^

Anyway, may the Force be with you, Jeff ! :)

jhorsley3 said...

looks really good, this should be a pretty cool web-comic.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Manu, I’m still planning on doing the animation thing, just not as much as I was. I need time to still draw, I miss it if I don’t.

Thanks for the comments guys.

Ben Whitehouse said...

By the beard of Zeus!!!! Jeff, you are one incredibly talented fella!

Ben Whitehouse said...

Oh p.s I would really really love to see the work for your 2d animation project

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Ben


I thought I was on the wrong blog for a second haha. I'm exited to see how the new web comic comes out, I've been working on a Conan the Barbarian statue for a while now, hes one of the most bad ass superheros out there. You've probably already heard, but their remaking the Conan movie soon, Should be pretty cool. Keep the posts coming!

jriggity said...

Awwwww man!!

Conan is my ablsolute favorite Comic character ever created....

this is super exciting!!


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comments guys