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Tanya and Jeff Lafferty in love
An old picture of Tanya and I, that I keep taped to the corner of my drawing board. Today’s her birthday, and I love her as much today as I ever have.

Happy birthday sweetheart, your everything to me babe.

See you next time
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Tanya said...

Thanks sweetie! It really is truly amazing how I find myself more in love with you with every passing year, even though I always think our love can't get any stronger than it already is.

Thank you for being such a great Dad and helping so much with Tristan (aka:Little). You have made everything so much easier for Tristan and I by being so helpful consistantly since he arrived a week ago. I know it has not always been easy and that makes me appreciate it twice as much.

I'm just so glad you're here and always will be. I love you with all my heart!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks babe, I love you too.