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Boba Fett Sketch Card by Jeff Lafferty
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you all had a happy day. Tanya, Tristan and I spent a very busy day visiting with relatives. It was fun and I took loads of pictures, which I’ll probably put up tomorrow. Tonight, I’m just too tired to sort through them all and resize everything, so it’ll have to wait.

I did get a chance to work on the puppet a little. I finished the undershirt and did some patching and smoothing with the silicone hands.

My hands never seem to come out of the mold right. A lot of times the wires are exposed or just floating under the surface ready to pop out at an inopportune moment. So I’ve found doing a little build up work with the tinted silicone makes them look, 'and work' quite a bit better.

I just smooth it on with my soapy fingers and let it set up for a couple of hours, not that different from caulking a bathroom tub.

See you next time
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Ludo Weyden said...

A merry christmas to you and your family.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Ludo, Merry Christmas