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Stop motion puppet

Here’s the puppet being fitted for a shirt.

I took a tip from Jon of Jon’s Stopmo blog - Link and am using the glue gun for the seams rather than stitching them with thread. I’m really liking the results, things are coming out clean and sharp.

On the last puppet I painted all the fabric with acrylic paint and it made it all quite a bit stiffer. There was less unintentional movement in the clothing while I was animating, but the down side was it got so stiff that it actually restricted the puppets ability to move. For example the arms had I little more ‘bounce’ than they did before they where covered.

So I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, painting has positives and negatives

See you next time
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Shelley Noble said...

mad skillz. Is the story going to be something you really care about?

Sean Tiffany said...

for some reason, knowing you and knowing how tough and construction oriented you are (you built a whole new structure in your back yard, for God's sake) I find it amusing to picture you sitting at night making tiny little clothes for your puppets.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Shelly, yes it is, I’ll write a little something about it in the next post.

ahhh Sean your killin me, no doll clothes jokes, dude :)