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Mom, Dad and Tristan Lafferty

The last few days have been , absolutely amazing, completely exhausting and just unexpected in every way.

We’re all three finally home from the hospital and I’m just so thankful that Tristan’s got all his little parts in the right places, that he’s healthy and ok, and thank goodness his Mom came through it all alright.

Right now I'm feeling very lucky and very blessed.

See you next time
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Jeff said...

Best wishes to you, your wife and the new addition, Jeff.

Shelley Noble said...

Indeed. Blessings to you each.

Jack Foster said...

Congratulations Jeff and Tanya!! Looks like 2010 is ending on a high note! Christmas blessings to you, your little family and all your loved ones!!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Jeff, Thanks again Shelly and thank you Jack.