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Tristan Lafferty
This morning I opened my email and found a ‘request to update’
Quote: I would like to get you to blogspot again, so I suggested to write and make a friendly pressure :)

So you can thank Manu - Link for me breaking the silence.

I’ve been busy so as always, the first thing to suffer is the blog. Since Tristan has been born its been a whirl wind of adjustment. Free time and sleep have become mighty scarce to say the least.

Still I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Green Lantern, original art by Jeff Lafferty

I did find enough time to finish up the Green Lantern piece I had been working on. Its already up in the gallery - Link and on Ebay - Link

$55 bucks is the stating bid, Tanya, I and Tristan can defiantly use the money right now, so whoever buys this one will not only have my eternal gratitude but I’ll throw in a few freebies as well.

I got to stretch my muscles outside the normal fare of celebrity portraits and nudes with this one. It was originally conceived as a commission for John Febonio, (Thanks John) but he only wanted the pencil study. I was undecided whether or not I should go ahead and take it to a full painting.

I had already received a couple early requests for prints, and I knew it would be a nice piece once it was painted. The thing that kind of bugged me though, was this new Green Lantern movie coming out. I didn’t realize a movie was in the works, and since I paint a lot of stuff from the movies … I was worried that people would look at the piece and not realize that I just made the whole thing up, and think “Oh, that’s just a bad face, it doesn’t look anything like so-n-so from the movie.”

Eventually I decided it was just too good of a pencil study, to not paint … plus I don’t like leaving things unfinished. It’s a bad habit that I had for years and I’ve worked really hard to get over it.

When I was younger I was so caught up in the process of art and learning how to do things, that I put a lot less importance on having a finished piece. I cared so much about what I was figuring out, that getting something actually done and for sale didn’t happen nearly often enough.

Now I try and not over think and over analyze everything, just get on with the next piece, try not plan my entire future based on every line that I draw. Just to go on with it, whatever ’it’ is … a commission, something for sale, whatever.

That’s something I’ve learned with experience, though I still have a tendency to go off on a wild hair every now and again.

Thanks for the push Manu

See you next time
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Manu said...

You're welcome Jeff :) )

Don't forget to thanks Sean too, he was associated to my mail ! I wrote for us both, as I mentioned in my lines.

Great green piece ! :) )

M-Flem-Jr said...

I think it's awesome as well Jeff, fantastic piece! I'm sure it will do well. Thanks for getting him to post something Manu and Sean! Tristan definitely looks like a little Lafferty all right, very cute! Thanks for posting Jeff!

Sean Tiffany said...

Hooray! Good to see the blog back up and running! I was tired of looking at the Lizard Toy every day when I checked the site!

Great new art and Tristan is looking great!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comments guys
Jeff & Tristan :)

Manu said...

Oups ! I forgot, that's right, Tristan looks great !!! :D

Tabitha said...

This is an amazing piece. My step-dad is a HUGE Green Lantern fan, so I sent the ebay link to my mom. Also, your baby is freakin' adorable. :D

JON said...

Awwww, Cute kid!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Tabitha, I like your blog.

Thanks Jon and thanks again Manu.