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Hi, everyone

I would like to apologize for the spam emails that where recently sent from my account.

This morning my email address was hacked and it started randomly generating spam emails. Google jumped on it pretty quick and shut it down, and I’m now back in possession of my account.

I’ve changed all my passwords and ran antivirus software on my computer. I’m 99% sure everything is fixed and secure now, but just in case please don’t respond to any ‘weird’ request from me (like for example if I was to ask for money that isn’t owed to me) and please don’t click on any links or open any attachments that I might send.

Also if you start getting more spam from me please let me know and I’ll just shut my email completely down and open a new one.

Like I said I’m pretty sure this is over and fixed, but just in case I wouldn’t want to pass along anything harmful.

Jeff Lafferty
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