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Doctor Who, original art by Jeff Lafferty

I found my point and shoot camera, yeah! (it was tucked down in the bottom of the diaper bag

I know I was just talking about how I love my Canon Rebel to death, how its so great and so much better, but really … I was just writing all that in a vain attempt to convince myself I was actually better off.

Cause this little baby, a cheapy Panasonic DMC-FS5, is actually the most awesome camera I’ve ever owned.

Its convenient, it fits in my back pocket so I haul it around everywhere with me, it also takes really nice pics, and unlike my rebel xsi, I don’t have to read through a ninety-nine page user manual just to figure out how to turn off the auto flash.

I’m so glad Its back :)

Working on a new project, I’ll let you guys in on what it is as it progresses.

See you next time
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Shelley Noble said...

Hooray for finding things we really want! I'm still hoping to find a bracelet (a really great piece) long gone lo these many years. I keep looking though.

Your work is stunning, Jeff.

Sean Tiffany said...

wait...what happened to Doctor Who???

nathaniel sullivan said...

Rather spiffy looking. Make sure to make with more images and don't leave us hanging.
And let us know how the bouncing new boy is doing

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comments everyone