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Stop Motion Puppet broken shoulder by Jeff Lafferty

Today while I was working on the puppet and moving around the arms and legs, making sure everything is still in working order, I discovered two joints where the solder had broke. The left ankle (which is understandable, considering its one of the tightest joints in the armature) and the left shoulder.

It was a pretty quick fix. I just heated it up and re-soldered the ball to the rod and they were as good as new.

One of the cool things I discovered was by using a ‘threaded’ ball and rod, when a joint breaks, it doesn’t come completely apart. The threads hold the joint together even though they’re loose.

The broken joints had a little play in them, but I think they could of still been animated in a pinch, like if they had broke in the middle of a shot.

I wanted to let the joints sit stress free for a while before moving them around, so I skiped padding the rest of the body and I made a pair of pants instead. I used t-shirt material and then my acrylics to paint them.

The right leg is finished and the left just has the first pass of color.

See you tomorrow
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Shelley Noble said...

Really really nice work , Jeff! Impressive!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Shelley, that means a lot coming from the “absolute master of miniature painting” :)

I can only wish to get up to your level when it comes to stuff like this.