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Hail strorm - Boulder, Colorado

We’ve been getting lots of freak weather here in Colorado, lots and lots of rain along with some hail. I’ve spent the last couple of days fixing our roof, trying to keep the wet outside and the dry inside.

I wanted to work on the new face tonight, but I just haven’t quite got my head wrapped around it yet. I didn’t want to let another night go by without something to show for it, so I sat down and did some practice animation.

I did several walk cycles, over and over. Since walking the puppets around (I’ve felt) has been one of my weakness, I figure doing exercises like this one will help strengthen my skills.

I’ll show you guys the results in a few days, after I have time to give the footage a quick run through Sony Vegas and upload it to youtube.

Here’s the ‘cute baby’ Tristan shot for today. I think this kid's got more fans on my blog than I do ... if I skip a couple of days without posting him, I get people asking :)

See you soon
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jriggity said...

awesome man!

Rain Rain...its actually dry here in Portland today...suprise..

so awesome that you are animating...cant wait to see it....and yeah...

thats a super cute kid!


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comment Justin