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Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub

Tonight I want to talk about money!

I came across this in my travels around the web - Link

It's basically a Kickstater project, started by a couple of web-comics artists named Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub.

Scott Kurtz does a comic called PVP - Link and Kris Straub does one called Starslip - Link they're both pretty good comics.

The reason I’m bringing this up, is these guys started a Kickstarter program to fund a ten episode web-series called 'The Scott and Kris Show' (It looks like its going to be a reality type thing, kind of like 'Jersey shore' or 'The Real World' but with web comics guys, I guess) anyway they asked for a budget of $50,000 (and that’s a lot for Kickstarter, I think the most I’ve ever seen a project fund for is about $10,000 )

Anyway they’ve got $64,995 bucks (so far) .. cause at the time that I’m typing this they still have 23 hours to go.

…Umm, are you fucking kidding me? Sorry for the language but … Seriously!!!

I don’t mean to begrudge these guys their success. As a guy who makes the better part of my living off the web, and knows how hard it is, I’ve got to hand it to em. They’ve obviously figured out how to build an audience and cash in (in a big way)

I’ve got to give them respect for that.

But while one part of my brain is thinking nice job guys, the other part of my brain is thinking $64,000 ... man, I can think of at least ten people trying to make movies right now, that would do something a million times better with that money, than what these guys will end up doing.

I’m not going to name anyone cause I don’t want to bring down any backlash on my friends, but just take a look at the links over in my sidebar, they’re all right there.

One thing I will say is, if I had that $64,000 … Tomorrow, I’d rent a warehouse. I‘d hire four guys and we’d go full steam on my movie for a year!

So what do you guys think about all this? What do you think about kickstarter? It seems to me to be a legitimate option. What would you guys do if $60,000 bucks fell in your lap, and who would want to come to Colorado and work on my movie with me … if it fell in my lap?

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jhorsley3 said...

yeah..a reality show about web-comic creators? People DO realize the creation process is INCREDIBLY boring, right? They are only getting donations because they are part of Half Pixel and are so called 'web-comic royalty'.

Half the time their comics are not even funny anymore.

If I have $60,000? I'd probably just put a down payment on my house. Hm...I wonder if I could create a Kickstarter campaign for that. "Help me buy a house!"

Shelley Noble said...

Been there, Jeff. I have railed about the injustice of success in the world financially of people without "talent" or goodness of any kind. Not talking about the guys above, never heard of them myself.

For me, I've come to terms that it's just not my flow/karma/destiny to have "ample" money like some get seemingly so easily.

I've even gone so far as to have the perspective that if I did have a pile of cash it wouldn't any difference in terms of what matters to me. I don't need it.

If I want to make my thing, I'll make it with what I've got.

this is a big topic with me. I have a really hard time with people asking for big bucks to do something.

I do love that we, none of us, ever have to go, hands out, to a studio or executive filter ever again to do what we think is worth doing. Amen.

Big Money? meh, if we've got a computer and electricity, that's pretty nearly all we need I say.

madhavi said...

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rudra said...

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John said...

The Penny Arcade Webcomic has been doing this for awhile with the same production company (Vantage Point Productions) that are doing Scott and Kris' show.

Vincent T├ętreault said...

I go on this site sometimes and this make me think the same... Why not trying that myself ?

I think this is a good way for independant artists to get money in order to realize there dreams (personal projects), that they wouldn't be able to do without it. In a way, i think as Shelley said. We can do a lot with very low cash, but if you want to hire peoples, you don't really have the choice and it can be hard to find it other ways. If i was going to do a movie that requires 50,000$, i would rather like to try to find the money on this website, than putting all the pressure on my back investing all my personnal money on a movie that would probably don't make profits. That's just my thoughts. I would probably not go to your place for a year for 10,000$, but i would work from here, doing sequences for your project. That's another alternative you could think of.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the comments everyone :)