Twist And Dad At The Drawing Board
Little Tristan giving me a few tips at the drawing board.

Josh Holloway, Sawyer Sketch Card © 2012 Jeff LaffertyTonight I started the color work on the Lost sketch card.

I think ever step in the process of creating a card is interesting, but I really love it when a piece gets to this stage ... when I can finally see a face start to come to life.

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Manu said...

Very nice nuances, Jeff, and I like this light effect on Sawyer's cheek. Looks pretty real ! Great job, as usual ! :)

Monika C Graf said...

Good job Jeff! And look at the budding artist in the first picture! Watch out... you might have some competition before long... :D

Isis Sousa said...

What a sweet boy! Yeah, you have to learn with the master! LOL ;) Nice card! I love your technique! Cheers!

Shelley Noble said...

ok, here we go! This is how artists get made! Will you look at the sensitivity in your and Tristan's hands?! Very cool to watch his development.

Beautiful artwork you make.

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks everyone!