Angles And Airwaves Original Art © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
I love posting everyday and I love taking pictures and showing you guys what I do, but a friggen hate, hate, hate … thinking stuff to write along with the post.

Most days are just boring around here. I mean, I’m an artist, I just sit around and draw all day ... the more boring a day is, the more stuff I get done.

So anyway, here’s where I’m at with the new piece, lots of white paint on this one.

Lando Calrisian LE Print © 2012 Jeff Lafferty
- The Lando Calrisian 5"x7" LE Print is now available -
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See you tomorrow
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Manu said...

Hello Boulder ! I don't know this band, but it sounds like a wonderful work, once again !

Concerning the content of your posts, don't worry for being inspired or not, your work speaks by itself, anyway !

The perdiod is boring for me, too... and probably for a lot of freelances. We've got to keep a strong mind ! >8 o

See u ! :)

Manu said...

By the way, just to promote the cultural exchanges between France and the US, this is what persons of good taste (kiddin' ;) listen at us, at the moment.

I selected three interpreter or bands who sing in english. Rock & soul. Hope you will like it :)

And my favourite :)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Manu, I'll check them out.