I haven’t done a video for a good long while, so I figured what the heck?
Angles And Airwaves
It’s been a busy weekend, I finished up the Angles & Airwaves commission.

Its already in the gallery if you want to take a look - Link

I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

Sean commissioned me to do the piece quite a while ago, too long really.

If you know me though, you know I’m not the most organized artist in the world … anyway he waited me out, and I’m glad he did, cause I’m super happy with the way it looks.
I also got the Uncharted piece, from the video up in the gallery - Link

Prints are available for the Uncharted piece, but unfortunately I can’t sell them here. They’re only available through Mike Fleming jr. and his Indie GoGo Campaign, so get those there if your interested - Link

Its been 'so' warm here this week, not like winter in Colorado at all.

Tanya, little and I have been out enjoying the nice weather while it lasts.

Also, I’m auctioning the Lost pencil study on Ebay this week.

This is a great piece. I think possibly one of the best I’ve done. I really hate to have to sell it, but lately things have been moving along steadily (income wise) so I want to keep that trend going.

The auction ends March 20th and minimum bid is $99 - Link
Lost Sketch Card On EBay - Auction Ends 3/20/2012

See you tomorrow
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Anonymous said...

love the video jeff do more please


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks for the support Albrecht!