TEMPORARY HIATUS - Fri. August 17th, 2012

Bad news, or good depending on what your into. I’m going to be temporarily putting this blog (Jeff Lafferty - Original Art & Sketch Cards) on hiatus, while I focus on my stopmotion animated webseries - Curse of the Wolfs Heart

Lately its just been too hectic keeping up with both blogs ... but if you’re a fan of my sketch cards don’t worry, later this year (fall/winter 2012) when my ‘real job’ work slows down, I’ll have more time and I’ll start drawing cards and updating this site again.

During the down time, the store - Link will remain open and I’ll continue to fill orders as the come in.

I will also continue to auction my prints regularly on EBay and sell any nudes that I draw on Naughtybids.com

The weekly podcast - Back To The Drawing Board that I do with fellow artist Sean Tiffany, will continue to come out every Wednesday.

Back To The Drawing Board Podcast, with Jeff Lafferty and Sean Tiffany
Curse Of The Wolfs Heart, Stopmotion Animation by Jeff & Tanya Lafferty

... and last but not least, I’ll still be blogging daily over at my animation site - CurseOfTheWolfsHeart.blogspot.com

Thanks for everyone’s patience and I’ll see in a few months.