Lock Shock and Barrel, concept art by Jeff Lafferty

Lock Shock and Barrel, concept art by Jeff Lafferty

Lock Shock and Barrel, concept art by Jeff Lafferty

I spent most of today doing concept sketches for the next commission.

It’s a piece based on the film, Nightmare Before Christmas, featuring the characters Lock, Shock & Barrel and also the films big baddie, Ooggie Boogie ... I thinks its going to be a fun, and somewhat challenging piece to do.

If anyone else wants to get on the commission list, right now is a fantastic time! I’m trying to get together the mortgage payment by January tenth and I’m a little short. (yea, I know everyone's probably way tired of hearing about all my money woes, well I'm just as tired of having to tell you about 'em)

Anyway ... just for some incentive, if you want to commission a piece and you can get me the money by the tenth, I’ll throw in the pencil study for free.

For those of you unfamiliar with my process I always draw a pencil study on a separate sheet of paper from the finished painting. I usually will offer these to the person who buys the piece, but not for free. They usually start around $40 and go up from there.

It’s a pretty good deal. So if you've had an idea for a commission, now’s a good time to go for it. Saves you some cash and helps me out too.

Commissions start at $75 bucks, here’s some more the details about my pricing - link

Thanks everyone


Shelley Noble said...

I love Nightmare. And I love this idea of commissioning your art!

I'd love to have you make a couple for my project when the characters are filmed.

Jeff said...

Best of luck, Jeff. Your art is worth every penny!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Shelley your awesome, I'd do that for you in a heart beat!

Thanks Jeff, you rock!