FIRST DAY OF 2013 - Tues. January 1st, 2012

Harrison Ford as Han Solo & Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, work inprogress sketch card

Batman vs Catwoman Limited Edition Prints

Batman vs Catwoman Limited Edition Print
First day of 2013. I made a little progress on the Han/Chewy painting, transferred it to board, and got some of the black down.

Tonight I was also putting together the prints for the Batman vs. Catwoman card. I’m doing a special uncut version, along with the regular print … more about all that later.

me Dean Jonathan Lopez Sean Tiffany Mike Fleming

I remember last year around this time Me, Dean, Jonathan Lopez, Sean & Mike Fleming all made a pseudo ‘pact’ to try and produce content everyday for 365 days straight. Blog, draw, sculpt, just make something and put it up on the net every day for the whole year of 2012 … What the hell where we thinking???

Unfortunately, none of us made it …

You can’t blame Dean and Jonathan for failing though, since they took on the toughest challenge. Dean was going to draw a monster everyday for a year and post it on his monster blog.

Jonathan who, I think might of made it the furthest, tried to produce a finished sculpture, every day for a year … plus film it, and stick it up on his youtube channel (Jeez, just writing all that out makes me tired)

Even though they didn't make it, they both put up an awesome fight and produced some super great work while they were still going.

Compared to the those two, the three of us Me, Sean & Mike look like wimps.

All we were going to do was blog for 365 days straight. I don’t remember who was the first to drop out, but I think Sean made it the furthest.

Mike was doing some awesome claymation stuff during that time. I think I was drawing the Lost Quintuple sketch card somewhere around then. Sean was doing something cool I’m sure.

Even though I 'now' think the idea of blogging everyday for a year is … well insane.

Whenever I have had those long streaks, that’s when it seems like I gain the most ground. Whether its with the animation, or sketch cards, it always seems like I make huge progress with a daily blog … Everything works better, the business and just my overall attitude.

The dry spells is when I run into road blocks and nothing gets done.

There’s something to be said for a schedule, and a daily blog kind of naturally forces you into that. Just cause you think “man, I've got to get serious and get something done or I wont have anything to post about tonight”

I remember when we were talking about trying the 365 day blog thing, and everyone was all exited about it and saying “Awesome, lets go for it!” Manu - link came in and commented, he was just totally against it! Said something like, “What are you thinking, why the hell would you want to do that?”

Its funny, Manu seems to have been the voice of reason in this story … hmmm, not sure how I feel about that? (Just kidding around with you Manu, you’re a great guy dude)

Anyway, probably wont be trying anything like that this year. Though I’m hoping I can change a few things around with my business, so I can consistently produce new art. I hate looking back over a year like this one and see so few new pieces in my gallery.

I think if God put me here on this earth to do anything, it was to be a good man, raise my family the best I can, and to use my talents. I feel like I’m trying hard at two of those things … but I need to work harder at the art … and that means I need switch things around so that art is back to the main deal again, and not just sitting off in hobby status.

Sorry guys, for the ocean of text to wade through this time, but I had some stuff on my mind.

First day of 2013, go out and make it a good one everybody!