Mad Max, Mel Gibson, Original Sketch Card © 2013 Jeff Lafferty

Brad Pitt,Limited Edition Print © 2013 Jeff Lafferty

Ralph McQuarrie, Limited Edition Print © 2013 Jeff Lafferty

Mad Max is coming along nicely. I’m liking the black color pencils, and looking forward to seeing how the whole thing comes out in the end.

A couple new prints will be up later today. (didn't have time to get them listed yet, just email me if you want one … also, if you want to wait and try to get in on the eBay auctions, I’ll post to Facebook & twitter once they’re up)

These are a couple of really cool pieces that I just never got around to making into prints.

Hard As A Coffin Nail, features Brad Pitt as the Irish piker ‘Mickey’ from the movie Snatch ... and a tribute card of one of my hero's,  the incredible artist/designer, the late Ralph Mcquarrie.

Talk to you tomorrow

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