SWITCHING AROUND SCHEDULES - Sat. January 19th, 2013

Godzilla sketch card, work in progress, © 2013 Jeff Lafferty

Coloring, © 2013 Jeff Lafferty

Godzilla’s coming along nicely … and a pic of my son working on his coloring. (Thanks Eric for the coloring book, Tristan loves it!)

I tried shifting my schedule around today. Since I've stopped working, I've been painting during the day and handling all the business stuff at night. Prints packaging, auctions, emails, there’s suddenly a lot to do.

I've been studious with the business side of things, but the art hasn't been coming as easily as I’d hoped.

Today I switched things up, business during the day and art at night, so far I think I like it.

After all, I've worked at night for years producing art, since the day job has usually stolen my daylight hours. Too, I think since I’m home, its a lot easier for me to get distracted with whatever is happening around the house.

For now I'm hopeful ... I’ll let you guys know how it works out.

Talk to you tomorrow