VERY COOL - Fri. January 11th, 2013

Wonder Woman by Eric Muller, © 2013 Eric Muller

Chris Mason on Facebook

Two quick stories …

I send out lots of cards, but I don’t usually get any back.

A long time costumer and friend Eric Muller, recently sent me a package. When I opened it up I found this this awesome pen & ink drawing of Wonder Woman. When I looked a little closer I realized … Holy smokes, it’s an original!

I’m just floored by how cool the people are that buy cards from me!!! Thanks again Eric, it's an amazing piece.

This morning I logged into Facebook, and I see I’m tagged in a photo somewhere. When I went to look, I found this picture of Chris Mason showing off his new Batman / Catwoman print that he bought from me.

Once again, just a very cool gesture.

These guys are both awesome artists in their own right, so I want to throw out some links so everyone can check out their stuff.

Eric is over at ComicArtFans - Gallery
and also eBay - Eric Muller

A great place to find Chris is at Deviant art - Chris Mason

Talk to you tommorrow


Anonymous said...

i love the wonder woman erics work is inspired


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thanks Deanna, yes is gorgeous stuff!!