Like a Frankenstein’s monster, I've resurrected the 'Back To The Drawing Board' podcast!

Back To The Drawing Board was a show I was doing with fellow artist, Sean Tiffany - link a while ago. We both dropped out, but I often times have thought I threw away a great opportunity in stopping the show.

I've redesigned things a bit, adding the video feed (the last one was strictly audio) I’m also planning on interviewing a lot more artists, guys and gals that I personally admire, and want to talk to and learn from.

I’d also like to make the show more business focused as well, since I think many, many artists out there (including myself) are looking for that kind of info.

My first interview is with amazing artist/ illustrator Jon Riggle - Link

We talk some about Jon’s past and motivations and then delve into his business model, and how he thrives as an artist making his living on the web.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Talk to you soon


Anonymous said...

wonderful i love the video work that you produce more please


Jeff Lafferty said...

Thank you Deanna, I appreciate you comments!