Fri. March 29th, 2013

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New podcast is up guys. This weeks interview is with artist Edward Cherniga.

Edward is an incredible illustrator, painter, comic book & sketch card artist.

Hes been in and around the comic book biz for along time. His first published work appeared in the classic, 80's, horror / sci fi magazine, Epic Illustrated.

In this one we talk a lot about art ... I tried to steer it back towards Edwards career, but the natural flow of the conversation kept taking us toward all the great artists we both love, the basic understanding most artists have between one another, and the trials we all go through, as we try and figure out who we are as artists.

Super interesting conversation and if your an artist, this ones for you.

Check out Edward's website, at ...
and connect with him on facebook ...

Music for this video was provided courtesy of Mevio's Music Alley
No Matter What by David Parker
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This week's been tough as far as my productivity goes. I don’t have hardly any new work and I’m not sure what I’m going to do for Mondays video.

I've been struggling with multiple changes on the indie movie poster I've been doing (I figure its alright to start talking about it, since they've already got my concept stuff up on their site)

Here’s a few of the changes … I've been drawing them on separate sheets of paper and the comp’ing them into the finished piece with photoshop.

The kids been a struggle, lots more versions of him exist. Change the gun, change the bad guy, change the smoke … on and on and on.

I've finally gotten the ok' to go forward though ... so hooray!!! (and thank God!)

I was felling a little frustrated and kind drained for a while, but now that I finally have the go ahead, I feel my energy and excitement for the project returning!

Hope you guys like the new show, let me know what you think … and thanks for all the comments on Wonder Woman, you guys (and girls) are awesome!

Take care guys, see you Monday with a new art and a new video.
- Jeff


M Jason Reed said...

Great interview Jeff. It's always cool to hear other artist's stories. Ed sounds like a real cool cat!

~DANgerous124 said...

Great interview, Jeff. Looking forward to part two. I was wondering how you have your deviantART journal and Blogger linked to each other. I noticed that my comments on deviantART showed up underneath the comments on your blog. I've never really seen that before.

Jeff Lafferty said...

M Jason Reed ... Thanks a lot, Edward will be glad to read that ... and yeah I agree, hes very cool.

~DANgerous124 ... Thanks Dan glad your liking the show.

Its just a gadget I turned on in blogger (its in the add a gadget thing, in the layout section) It pulls comments for DA, Facebook, youtube, just about anywhere I re-post. Makes keeping track of my comments, and responding quite a bit easier


Peter Palmiotti said...

Ed seems like a real lovable dude, and oh so talented. Look forward to part 2!

Brandon Kenney said...

Great interview and a lot of cool insight from someone who seems to have a great outlook on life and art. Can't wait for part 2.

Edward said...

Jeff, thank you for such an enjoyable chat & your kind words. I'm glad to know you. Jason, DNA, Peter & Brandon, thanks! I appreciate that, cheers!

Edward Comelab said...

E. Cherniga is one of the most helpful individuals I've ever come across.
When I get a new sketchbook, I always re-write his advice on one of the pages. :)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Peter Palmiotti ... Thanks Peter

Brandon Kenney ... Thanks Brandon

Edward ... Thanks again Edward

Edward Comelab ... Excellent! thanks for the comment.