Mon. March 4th, 2013
Superman Drawing by Jeff Lafferty
Sorry I missed last Friday's blog post (and almost missed today’s) A new Christopher Reeves/Superman commission is in the works.

Nightmare Before Christmas, Shock Sketch Card by Jeff Lafferty Nightmare Before Christmas, Barrel Sketch Card by Jeff LaffertyNightmare Before Christmas, Lock Sketch Card by Jeff Lafferty Nightmare Before Christmas, Oogie Boogie Sketch Card by Jeff Lafferty
All the nightmare before Christmas cards are finally done too. They were fun, but I’m defiantly ready for something new.

I've been redesigning my website site a little. I know everyone hates when I do that, but bare with me cause I think its going to be a better system. Easier to use and easier to update.

Obviously I've incorporated another sidebar and widened the whole site a little. I've also incorporated blogger's light box feature into the design. (If you don’t know what I mean, click on the images to see it in action)

Jeff Lafferty's Etsy StoreMore news, my store is moving permanently from Ecrater to Etsy. After messing around with Ecrater for the last month and a half, I just cant get it to charge the correct shipping on the international sales.

The US post office raised international shipping charges to the point that they’re completely ridiculous now. So I just can’t afford to go on offering free world wide shipping, like I've been doing since the start.

Etsy is a good site, with a pretty easy interface, they work with Paypal  and I’m selling quite a few prints there already, so it just makes sense to make the shift.

The new Godzilla LE prints is now available - Link and the Mad Max print will be up in the next few days.

If anyone wants to get in on these two early … if you buy them both, I’ll throw in a couple freebie cards. (Your choice, just email and let me know which ones you want, and I’ll send you an invoice)

See you Wednesday
- Jeff


=JonRiggle said...

This is one reason I read your entries, Jeff. I learn so much from them. It also gives me things to think about for when I launch my website too.

Christopher Hack said...

love the new work.

~DANgerous124 said...

Hey Jeff. Have you thought about selling your prints on Storenvy? Apparently they don't have listing fees or take a cut from your sales like Etsy does. I haven't tried it yet but I'm probably going to create a store soon.


Thank you for the deviantWATCH and for giving us permission to share your work!

Jeff Lafferty said...

~HOWTOSKETCHDRAWPAINT ... No problem, I took a look at your site and I like what your doing. I appreciate you sharing my videos.

~DANgerous124 ... I have, and I do already have a Storenvy store. So far it hasn't sold much, but it only got a couple items so far, and I haven't tried pushing people towards it either.

It seems like a good option and I'm planning on building the inventory up and just seeing what happens there.

I think the biggest reason I'm going with Etsy (at least at the moment) is that its the easiest, and quickest solution to an alternative to Ecrater. I've already got a good selection of my cards there, and I already have sales. So its a pretty easy switch.

I appreciate comment and the idea, I believe its a good one.

=JonRiggle ... Thanks Jon!

- Jeff

Jeff Lafferty said...

Christopher Hack ... Thanks, I appreciate it!

- Jeff