Mon. March 11th, 2013


Got this awesome photo from friend and client, Jeff McClelland - Link

Its the promo art I did a few months ago for his comic 'Teddy And The Yeti'

I love when people send photos of my work, once its out in the real world. Thanks Jeff, I appreciate it man!

I've decided to take the blog back to two days a week. I really want to make an effort to do two videos a week from now on. More art videos like the one above, on Mondays, and the podcast, every Friday.

It seems like the Wednesday's post doesn't get a lot of attention anyways, not compared to the days when I have the videos.

Don't forget about the contest this month ... Share one of my videos on facebook twitter or any social media, comment and let me know that you did it, and you'll be entered to win the Mad Max pencil study.

I'll draw a name out of a hat on March 31st!

Good luck everyone and I'll see you Friday with the new podcast.
- Jeff


davy j.y. said...

yet again, excellent work...very enjoyable video..

Jeff Lafferty said...

davy j.y. ... Thanks Davy!


Ken Tyner said...

That looked really nice!

etheangel2220 said...

very nice colors! its great watching your work, i almost wish i had gone down an illustrator path

evomasher's said...

Great stuff.  Can't wait to see mine. :-)

Jeff Lafferty said...

Ken Tyner ... Thanks Ken!

etheangel2220 ... Thanks!

evomasher's ... Thanks man, its in the works!

- Jeff

~dannycruz4 said...

nice! i did a t/y piece for jeff a little while back. he's a good guy..

Jeff Lafferty said...

Yeah, I agree. Jeff's a great guy, everyone should check out his comic!

- Jeff

eaglewithtourettes19 said...

All days are made for drawing! Awesome work brother!

TheBabbleBeast said...

I really enjoy watching how your pieces come together! Thanks for sharing this! :D

Andy Burk said...

Niiiice! Really good Yeti, plus you use the sharpest pencil known to man. Another great vid.

70R4N said...

You need more subscribers ;) Amazing work Jeff! :)

Richard Linkon said...

Jeff, I really liked his work and saw some of her videos right now, I have a big question for you, you said that companies pay a shame the cards, have you thought about working as inker in comics publishers? you have a very rare talent and wonderful works, I was amazed and I would love to know your answer because I'm trying to work with it for a while and I see that you have more of what it takes to be successful.

eleven38 said...

Awesome skill Jeff

TheWildAlexa's channel said...

My god, you are amazing! I watched the entire video with my jaw on the floor :D <3 Great talent you have there !;)

Norman Hundert said...

Manytimes Aweome! And yes i have to say that its an honor for me that you´re following my blog.. :)


Norman Hundert said...

....you´re linked ;)))

krysta1525 said...

you are most welcom- i think your an amazing artist and wish i had some of your talant at capturing realistic portraits. your work with color is incredible!!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

eaglewithtourettes19 ... Defiantly!

TheBabbleBeast ... Thanks!

Andy Burk ... Thanks Andy!

70R4N ... Thanks for the comment!

Richard Linkon ... No, I've never tried being and inker. I did work as a penciler for comics back in the nineties, and that was fun.

Whatever my experiences were it doesn't matter, you should defiantly give it comics a shot if that's where you passion lies.

eleven38 ... Thanks a bunch!

TheWildAlexa's channel ... Thanks Alex!

Norman Hundert ... Thanks Norman, I linked you back!

krysta1525 ... Thank you Krysta!

- Jeff