Sunday, November 17th, 2013

Hi everyone, a new piece is up in the gallery - Link ... & on eBay - Link

I decided to call her 'The Sword Maiden'

Originally I was going to paint a Red Sonja piece, but then her hair came out more black than red, and I ended up liking it better black … so I just kept it that way and made up a new name :)

The piece is mixed media, acrylic, ink and color pencil, and also oil paint.

Hope everyone likes it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.
- Jeff


David P. Geister said...

She looks great, Jeff. I love the way you combine mediums.

PandorumMaximus said...

Badas$ work!

akmeto said...

So awesome!

Brian Plaza said...

Another dynamic piece, it is just amazing to see one great work after another. Awesome work Jeff, you need to bust out a book on "how to paint epic." Serious man this stuff is so good. Makes me want to leave work right now and go home to paint.

ARTofCM said...


Kitty Salvattore said...

Very nice!

Jeff Lafferty said...

David P. Geister ... Thanks David!

PandorumMaximus ... Thanks!

akmeto ... Thank you!

Brian Plaza ... Thanks Brian, I've thought about doing an art how-to book, or video series or something, but it never seems like I have the extra time to put together a big project like that ... Maybe someday.

ARTofCM ... Thanks Chris!

Kitty Salvattore ... Thank you Kitty!


Alan Edward Dillard said...

Beautiful work Jeff, I love the colors.

Woody Welch said...

Now THAT'S a spread!!! (Y)

Jason Moore said...

Jeff!!! That's a beautiful piece!!! I'd MUCH rather see you doing original works like this than the photo realistic pieces even though those are so beautifully done as well. These types of pieces just have SO much more personality if you know what I mean. Wonderful work as always!!! =)

George Calloway said...


Jeff Lafferty said...

Alan Edward Dillard ... Thanks Alan

Woody Welch ... LOL, thanks for the comment.

Jason Moore ... Thanks Jason, glad you like it. I'm leaning that way in my thinking too.

George Calloway ... Thank you George.


wytherwing said...

:D awesome work!