Tuesday, February 7th, 2014

New video, new piece & new EBay auction -  (Note: sorry, auction is over, it sold on the first day)

Another Blade Runner piece ... what can I say, its one of my all time favorite movies.

Check it out and tell me what you think :)

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Thanks, see you next time!
- Jeff


evomasher said...

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Awesome as usual. I don't think I've ever asked. Do you usually finish in one sitting? How long does a drawing usually take?

Jon Riggle said...

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Love it! Are you listening to the soundtrack while working on this, or the movie?

Dawid KICK said...

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nice Mr..

artista sem pena said...

It's amazing!

Dylan Blair said...

Simply amazing!

juriaan13 said...

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How big are the originals? looks great as usual..

Iqor Semenov said...

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да прекрасная хорошая работа очень впечатляет.

davy j.y. said...

very nice work,,yet again,,:)
blade runner is one hell of a fine sci fi movie ..!

LlamaBoyProductions said...

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Amazing piece! The lighting is perfect as always.

el-douglas said...

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I love it Jeff! what a great piece all around!

howlett66 said...

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Wow.Likeness is spot on.Damn! :)

Keep 'em coming Jeff, I learn a lot seeing your stuff!

BikerScout said...

Beautiful work once again, Jeff. Inspiring. :aww:

Jeff Lafferty said...

evomasher ... Thanks man! They usually take me about three days.

Jon Riggle ... I do somtimes. Usually I'll listen to the movie at least once while I'm working on the piece, just cuase it'll be on my mind once I hunt out some referance pics. Thanks Jon!

Dawid KICK ... Thanks!

artista sem pena ... Thank you!

Dylan Blair ... Thanks Dylan!

juriaan13 ... Thanks. The painted image on this one is 3 1/2" x 7 1/2" inches, and the board is 7" x 11" inches.

Iqor Semenov ... Thanks Igor

davy j.y. ... Thanks Davy. I agreed, its one of my favorite films!

LlamaBoyProductions ... Thanks Man!

el-douglas ... Thanks!

howlett66 ... Thanks, will do!

BikerScout ... Thanks!


Darin Anderson said...

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Fantastic as usual!

Preston Smith said...

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One of my favorite movies. Impressive work. :)

J.t. Van Dyke said...

This is awesome this piece reminds me of one of my favorite artists drew struzan.

Mimi Cortazar said...

My Favorite movie! Great work!

Brent Naughton said...

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Incredible work. I must ask a strange question, How do you achieve the sharpest pencils in the business?! Again, you work is inspiring and thank you for sharing.

Andrew Pokon said...

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Very cool. The likeness and smirk he had are dead on.

HorseQueenDiamond said...

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Ohhhhhhh no. Please do NOT tell me that is a painting

Art-Eli said...

i really love how you've managed the background, it creates a beautiful composition with th style you used to paint harrison ford's face :)
it's a really stunning piece, well done!

SamPlayPC said...

I love bladerunner, nice artwork!

Hamilton Cline said...

This is amazing, Jeff. What was the final time on this video, and are you doing a digital dolley in there at one point, or is someone moving the camera?

howlett66 said...

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David Geister said...

What can I say, Jeff? This is awesome, as always. Well done.
Is the original for sale?

Jeff Lafferty said...

David Geister ... Thanks David, the original 'was' up for sale, but I had an early offer from a buyer off eBay, so I just went ahead and sold it.

I am doing prints of this piece too, they're suppose to be here on the 21st.

If anyone's interested they can pre- order them now ...


David Geister said...

+Jeff Lafferty
I am glad it sold - though I am not surprised.

Brian Plaza said...

Great work Jeff, how long does a piece take you from start to finish?
My times vary. Sometimes I can plow through a painting and sometimes I can't paint for days. If you do experience artist block, what do you do to get around it? Keep up the good work man, great stuff.

Coyotē Duran said...

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Speechless! WOW!!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Darin Anderson … Thanks!

Preston Smith ... Thanks

J.t. Van Dyke ... Thanks J.T.

Mimi Cortazar ... Thanks Mimi

Brent Naughton ... LOL, Thanks Brent ... I sharpen them with a drywall knife. I've actually been asked that question so many times that I included a little 'sharpening demo' in my last video -

Andrew Pokon ... Thanks Andrew!

HorseQueenDiamond ... LOL, thanks for the comment :)

Art-Eli ... Thank you

SamPlayPC ... Thanks Sam

Hamilton Cline ... Thanks Hamilton, the ease-ins and -outs were all done in post with Sony Vegas, no one moving the camera. The piece and the video took me about a week to do in total.

Brian Plaza ... Thanks Brian, they very from few days to a week sometimes, & I do experience artist block, I'll try and answer that in more detail in my next video.

Coyotē Duran ... Thanks Coyotē!


Jellyneau said...

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Love this! Great work!

Coyotē Duran said...

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Thank YOU, man! I'll make sure to peep your other videos too. I apologize in advance if this isn't cool but your work reminds of the great Drew Struzan - sheer effort without one lazy spot. Art hero stuff! \m/

LavenderFrost said...

Nice work!

susme48 said...


jellymassee said...

Love this! Big Harrison Ford fan!

bhavani.krishnan said...


pastel65 said...

Your work is always amazing. Pam

beegirl said...

THIS IS AMAZING! absolutely stunning! and thank you for sharing the video link of your process.

mke112 said...

Love this! Blade Runner is possibly the best sci fi ever made!

ItsaWonder said...

I'd say you nailed it!


roy-p said...

That is a wonderful illustrative style you've adopted for this picture... (pardon me if that reads ill-informed, I'm yet to browse your other works to get a better/generalized appreciation of your techniques... which I'll do now with pleasure). This one is reminiscent of the great Illustration masters of the past.

maryinasia said...


LavenderFrost said...

I watched your video later, and then I watched the Russel Crowe video, which was cool because you answered all the questions that were in my head while watching the first video. I never really thought of using pencils on top of acrylics. But watching you sharpen a pencil made me nervous, lol.

doctoring in arts said...


cem said...

Excellent likeness!

Brent Naughton said...

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Thank you for the insight, really appreciate it. Beautiful artwork!

Carlos Phoenix said...

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Great work there Jeff. Nice video too.

Richard Salvucci said...

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Those are mighty dangerous pencils Jeff! :-)

Sha-Nee Williams said...

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Omg, the video is amazing and this is an amazing piece!

Kevin Banic said...

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Just wonderful watching your technics and work. Great job. Favorite movie, favorite soundtrack. Listening to it always allows me to go where I need to, to draw better.

Tea-Rex said...

Yeah! You got him .. well and true.

An inspiring portrayal both to the original story and the film.

Finely crafted.


Jeff Lafferty said...

Jellyneau ... Thanks!

Coyotē Duran ... Thanks, Drew's a real insperation to me too!

LavenderFrost ... Thanks!

susme48 ... Thank you

jellymassee ... Thanks

bhavani.krishnan ... Thanks

Anonymous pastel65 ... Thanks Pam!

beegirl ... Your welcome, and thank you for the comment!

ItsaWonder ... Thanks :)

roy-p ... Thanks so much!

maryinasia ... Thanks!

LavenderFrost ... Thanks again!

doctoring in arts ... Thank you

cem ... Thanks

Brent Naughton ... Thank you Brent!

Richard Salvucci ... Thanks for the comment Richard!

Sha-Nee Williams ... Thanks Sha-Nee!

Tea-Rex ... Thank you Terry!


AmBrOJordiArt said...

You are so expressive, colorful and accurate in details! I can feel the emotion

PicaPicaMapie said...

This is immense.

Jeff Lafferty said...

AmBrOJordiArt ... Thanks! I love this comment!

PicaPicaMapie ... Thank you!


StephieArt said...

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Thanks for putting these works in progress videos! Sorry if you've answered this already some where, do you gesso the boards first? how do you keep the acrylics from ending up plasticy? does the spray painting help give it that matte appearance so that the pencils will still work on top?

Jeff Lafferty said...

StephieArt ... Thanks Stephie. I don't gesso the boards, I just like the surface of the raw MDF.

I'm not sure about the plasticy question, because the acrylics do feel very 'plascticy' when I use them. (not sure what you mean?)

The last question ... possibly? I am able to draw on top of the acrylics, but when I paint a wash with a brush, I'm able to draw on those acrylics as well. I don't think the airbrush spray really changes anything with the paint. I'm not sure what you mean. Do you have problems drawing on them?

Thanks for the questions

Sean Chess said...

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You got some epic artistic talent man! Think big! 

StephieArt said...

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Yeah some times if the acrylic gets too thick. It'll either tear or just won't get good marks. However I'm usually painting on paper and not the mdf boards, but I have run into that same problem when using them. As for plastic-y. I don't know how else to explain it other than it gets this high sheen even when I haven't added a gloss medium.

Jennifer Krueger said...

Wow! Way cool! I bet you have heard of the 501st. The Storm Troopers? My big brother Dan is in a Legion from Michigan. Big Sci-fi guy. I recently moved to Arizona. I miss him terribly. In 1992, I was stationed in Iceland, and Dan would write me letters. I'm going to share with you two of his envelopes. Im new at this social media thing so it will be a separate post. I'm thinking you might appreciate them. Watching your video made me feel like I was in high school, watching him work on a project! Sorry I'm talking your ear off, but I miss him and he was a HUGE Blade Runner fan. ')

Kim said...

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Today on ARTWALK+

Larry Carney Jr. said...

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I dig it .

kazmierczuk said...

ill be waching You;) Great stuff;)

Mike Potratz said...

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Love that movie. A real classic

Jeff Lafferty said...

Sean Chess ... Thanks Sean!

StephieArt ... Actually, I understand a little better now. I watched a few of your videos and I notice you put down your acrylics quite a bit more thickly than I do.

Mine are more like washes. I'm always painting with quite a bit of water in my paint, so the board doesn't have much paint build up, and the surface probably doesn't end up quite a slick as yours does.

I like you channel and your videos, you do some great stuff. I'll keep watching :)

Jennifer Krueger ... Thanks for the wonderful comment Jennifer. I'm glad my video brought you good thoughts of your brother ... I love comments like this :)

Kim ... Thanks for the comment Kim

Larry Carney Jr. ... Thanks Larry!

kazmierczuk ... Thanks!

Mike Potratz ... Thanks for the comment Mike!


StephieArt said...

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Hello! Oh yeah in that style it definitely ends up thick and rubbery. I rather expect that especially on the canvas boards. Also thanks! ;) Going to be experimenting with some more sanded gesso paper. The testing has worked some and I can't wait to try it on a real piece. I just need to find a gallery with original fantasy paintings so I can gawk at them! Everyone else seems to have such smoothness but then maybe it is just the boards or planks they are using. they appear very popular among fantasy sci artists. Thanks again for answering my question! :)

ROBERT LEE Harris said...

man that's swift.

Nar Comic Underworld said...

Jeff, love your work bud! Keep rock'n

frhan khan said...

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S-Louis-King said...

That is Drew Struzan quality! Really nice work!

Jeff Lafferty said...

ROBERT LEE Harris ... Thanks!

Nar Comic Underworld ... You bet, thanks!

frhan khan ... Thanks

S-Louis-King ... Thank you!


Eduardo Franzoi said...

Blade Runner.... a classic movie...!!
Very good this art!

Remus09 said...

This is amazing, Sir! Epic!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Eduardo Franzoi ... Thank you!

Remus09 ... Thanks!


LadyCat17 said...

Hah! This is amazing!!!

I love it! :)

Victor Garduno Fine Art said...

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Jeff Lafferty said...

Victor Garduno Fine Art ... Thanks Victor!