Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

I'm thinking about giving the daily blog thing a try again, what do you guys think, too much???

Another new piece on eBay, Lee Meriwether as Catwoman.

Lee Meriwether as Catwoman, Artwork is Copyright © 2014 Jeff Lafferty

Buy The Original Artwork

Also, commissions are open. If your interested in having something painted, now's the time to hit me up ... Commission prices are here

Thanks, see you next time


Challenger2008 said...

Jeff, if the blog is a means to keep you drawing on a regular basis, away you go. But I think once a week is more do-able. You're a working dude with a family, and finding time to do a blog every day may be tough.

JonRiggle said...

Enter the voice or...whatever. I would say - a daily blog may be an addition to your plate that you may not have all the time in the world for seeing as how you're extremely busy. However, I'd say maybe two a week (whichever days you get the chance or feel froggy to post) would be a great idea. That way you don't feel confined to doing it every day while you have other things going on and then feel like you need to apologize for missing a day or two. Two posts a week could be easier to manage for anyone...just whenever you have the urge or time. That's just my opinion though. I'd be happy to read whenever you post lol.

David P. Geister said...

Wow, Jeff - you are on fire!

scotty309 said...

Awesome drawing, i love your style and layout though it looks more like Lee Merriweather ' s catwoman
Excellent technique!

wytherwing said...

:D awesome!

Jeff Lafferty said...

Challenger2008 ... yeah your right, its probably not all that realistic ... but who knows, maybe I'll forget where I work, and have to stay home and paint all the time :)

Thanks for all the comments dude, I appreciate it!

JonRiggle ... Thanks for the input Jon, I appreciate it.

David P. Geister ... Thanks David!

scotty309 ... Thanks Scotty, you caught me before I made a mistake. Your right is Lee Meriwether :) I owe you one dude

wytherwing ... Thanks Wytherwing!


wytherwing said...

;) it's my pleasure!

Rhonda-Young said...

Perrrfect!! :D

scotty309 said...

no problem my friend...we "Pop culture" artists have to stick together :-)

Challenger2008 said...

Yeah, I'd like to forget where I work, too. But then I would probably just come up with 100 other excuses not to draw...

Sofera said...

Do you mean Vlog, or Blog. Vlog yes :) Blog.. not so much.