VBlog #18 Making And Selling Art Prints

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well ... I did a couple new pieces over the weekend, more from the Planet of the Apes and another Star Wars.

Earlier this week I did an interview with Peter Palmiotti on his show The Independent Road. I was on with another great comics artist, Keven Cross. We talked a lot about following your passion & turning your passion into your day job. It was a fun show.

Check it out here - The Independent Road, Episode 95

A fellow artist and friend, Travis Cakos asked a question about prints, in the new video I try and explain my approach to making and selling prints.

General Ursus, Original Artwork, Copyright © 2014 Jeff Lafferty

Luke Skywaler and Darth Vader, Original Artwork, Copyright © 2014 Jeff Lafferty

Thanks, see you tomorrow

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