ARTCAST #67 - Computer Troubles

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Not much of an episode this time, computer troubles are plaguing my endeavors and sucking my time.

Thanks, see you Sunday
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Joe Maccy said...

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Friends with Artwork-of Nicolas Almaraz
Love your artwork!

Brent Naughton said...

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Keep your head up.

kieranproskills said...

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Sorry to hear about the computer Jeff. I commend your effort to at least get a video up. Like you say when things bite you it tends to be the more expensive items that do.
Hopefully you can resolve the problem.... oh now I come to think of it I had a problem with my computer that sounds similar to the one your experiencing. This may or may not help but it was to do with the Ram cards after moving then around I got it going again and everything seems fine, give that a try?

airheadzcustom said...

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My last computer crapped out after 4 years, and this one is on its way, I feel your pain. If you do a kickstarter for an art book, count me in! If all your subscribers pitched in, you'd have a new computer in no time!

Peter Palmiotti said...

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That sucks +Jeff Lafferty, I'll message you but you might see this first ...we can help you get back on track! 

kairus1 said...

i hope you get your files back. ive been having pc problems too. had to buy a new computer and owe alot of money. sucks. im going to sell all my collectibles to pay off the new computer.

Peter Palmiotti said...

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Rootin' for you man, we'll see what we can do.

Jonathan Myers said...

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Been there man. Computers work its all great. they crash and life sucks.