ARTCAST #69 - Free Drawing Giveaway Winner

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Hi all ... In this episode I draw this months 'Patreon' winner to receive a free drawing from me. I also feature all the art done for the 'Artcasters Facebook group' Star Wars challenge!

Also I'm doing a buy one get one free at my store this week, buy a print then email me and let me know which one you want as a freebie ... Buy One Get One free Prints

Thanks, see you tomorrow
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Jonathan Myers said...

via Facebook
Awesome Star Wars work from all the Artcasters. This was a real treat Jeff.

Peter Palmiotti said...

Wonderful gallery on Star Wars art!

Drawung said...

Some great talent

Tomas Wilson said...

Thanks for that feature among many other great works, and it's just pronounced Thomas XD Already got tonnes of ideas for the animal challenge, I hope you can have more than one submission

Chris Mason said...

Really nice STAR WARS pieces.. What no love for my Yoda, C3PO, R2D2 & Chewie light bulb portraits I posted? HEH, No worries! ;)

Steve Mitchell Design said...

Thanks for doing the video Jeff. The Star Wars challenge showcase was the most interesting video I've watched this week and it was a blast to participate.

Andrew Jones said...

Thanks for featuring my piece, especially as it was a day late :) Lots of other great pieces here.

Daniel E Burke said...

I love the game show aspect of this. Too cool.